From: Jean Allan Sovik
To: K. Allen Brooks
Sent: Thu, November 25, 2010 11:57:38 AM
Subject: HB USPS 1996 proof of sales

Dear AG Brooks:

In lieu of not being able to access the archived business records of Senter Cove Development Company, Inc, a New Hampshire corporation, and Netmark International, Inc., a Massachusetts corporation that are in the possession of Waukewan Holdings, LLC, I have requested that my family and business associates look into their archives in order to be responsive to your request. The process will take several days.

However, my older son, who was responsible for the nationwide shipment of the High Birches Mountain Spring Water product to the customers of Netmark International, Inc., the retail company was able to locate the 1996 statements from the United States Post Office.

I have compiled the initial 1996 shipment account from the United State's Post Office, as you can see in the attached excel program. Netmark International after acquiring all necessary permits in Massachusetts, was able to purchase wholesale water from Senter Cove's High Birches Mountain Springs, located in No Woodstock, NH. Netmark's permits would not have been possible unless Senter Cove's permits were in order. In fact, there is a recorded lease between the two companies on record at the Grafton County Registry of Deeds, or at least there was when I last checked.

Therefore, when Senter Cove's main production bore hole was sabotaged on our about September 11, 1997, Netmark was forced out of business along with Senter.

Once, I have been able to compile all the correspondence that I faxed or mailed to NH AG Environmental Bureau subsequent to the 1997 sabotage I will mail the documents to you. In the meantime I would hope that the offices that do have jurisdiction would have contacted me by then.


Jean E. Allan aka Jean E. Allan Sovik

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