Jean E.Allan aka Jean E. Allan Sovik



November 22, 2010

Keith Allen Brooks, Ast Attorney General

New Hampshire Office of the Attorney General

Concord, NH 03301

RE: Status of High Birches Permits

Dear Attorney Brooks:

Mr. Bruce Lewis has recently informed me that since he provided me with the information that he had in his archives, which I in turn provided to you on 8/26/10; he has not heard from your Office. And, with respect to the above subject request, for that matter neither have I, heard from your Office.

However, as it has been my practice in the past with other government agencies, when I am made aware of issues that I believe material to my request, I always forward them. Please consider this letter, sent via email, no exception to that practice.

On October 5 2010, the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division of North Carolina wrote this attached letter to Wells Fargo Bank...The purpose of making your Office aware of the attached communication is to show your Office that other State’s Attorney Generals have understood the complexities of the mortgage/foreclosure frauds against its citizens, and have recognized that its citizens cannot fight the banksters all alone.

And too buttress this point, today's Economist, see link: [] has cited the New Jersey case that is rapidly gaining national attention. All these cases have one thing in common with the High Birches situation: Where's the note?

Not to get into great detail in a letter, but in the High Birches situation, the answer begins with the FDIC, and that is a Federal matter:

It is a matter of public knowledge that Robin Arkely II and Jack Menheim, were owners of record of Ingomar, Inc. and SN Servicing, Inc., at the time of the alleged September 27, 2007 foreclosure using the October 12, Judgment, a proof of claim. This proof of claim allegedly was secured, among other things, by the real property located at 309 Waukewan Road, Center Harbor, NH: where I was arrested in May 2009.

It is also a matter of public record that Jack Menheim was working for the FDCI/RTC, on or about October 1991. It was sometime after the failure of BankEast, in October, 1991, in which the alleged 'dipsy doodle' chain of assignments - from BankEast - to its receiver, the FDIC – then to BONHAM, FDIC agent - then into the waiting hands of an other FDIC agent, RTC – then to RFS/FDIC partnership - and then into multiple assignments of Robin Arkley II related parties- until September 27, 2007 when an Arkley II related company foreclosed. The alleged highest bidder was a shell company, Waukewan Holdings, LLC.

One of the many problems with this 'shell game' is "the note" that Senter Cove Development Company, Inc. and Business Assets Management Inc signed with Bank East in July 1988. For Ingomar's proof of claim to be valid, in 2005, when it initiated its foreclosure proceedings against Jean Allan, its proof of cliam should have included the discharged note in lieu of the October 1989 Judgment. No such proof exists. If there were such proof it a copy of it should have been found in the file BankEast v Senter Cove et al, No Hillsborough Superior Court, NH. And, since neither of the named borrowers of the BankEast loan were present at the court hearing where the alleged Judgment was Order; nor, was the Jean E. Vorisek Family Trust even a party to the BankEast loan; I have no personal knowledge of what really happened. I only found the ‘misplaced’ file in 2006.

However, there is evidence that is a matter of public record that in February 5, 1991, several months prior to its failure, that BankEast’s agent signed a mortgage discharge releasing the bank’s claims upon the land in North Woodstock, NH. There was no specific mention of any other mortgages. In exchange for the mortgage discharge, BankEast accepted other collateral, which included the proceeds to a lawsuit that Senter Cove et al had filed against CLD, its engineers. That case settled in favor of Senter Cove, on May 2, 1994. FDIC agent’s never appeared; nor made a claim upon the proceeds of the settlement.

And, here’s where the narrative gets sticky: On May 2, 1994, the CLD Engineers were represented by their insurance agency ICIC. Warren Buffet was the sole owner of record at that time according to the Nebraska Insurance Commissioner. It is also a fact according to Martha HW Crowninshield that she and Mr. Buffet are close personal friends. The fraud that took place between Mr. Buffet and Ms Crowninshield has been documented by the documents of that day; along with my personal testimony under oath.

However, it appears that the State of New Hampshire Forensic Examiner has chosen my complaints against Mr. Buffett and Ms. Crowninshield, among other complaints against important people, in order to showcase its diagnosis of my psychotic delusions. As you are aware, based on the Forensic Examiner’s October 13, 2009 Report, a Laconia District Court Judge Ordered that I was ‘not competent’ on May 5, 2010. A Restoration to Competency hearing has been scheduled for me on December 20, 2010.

And, although the Forensic Examiner’s Report opined that the facts I have relayed, over the years, to your Office, the courts, and other governmental agencies, are merely figments of my own delusions; and, a quick reading of certain New Hampshire Superior Court Order will show similar language: the facts of the frauds upon my family’s property are now being recognized by others Attorney General’s as not only plausible, but maybe wide spread.

I have been encouraged to see that Attorney General’s from other states, along with other Federal Government Agencies are finally beginning to understand that the statewide, and nationwide frauds that are being complained about are very similar in fact, and in personum, to those whom my family has been complaining about for years. Currently there is a long awaited OIG FDIC probe report re: failure of Stateside Bank in LA, and its officers to include Robin Arkley II and Jack Menheim.

The fact that I have been long reporting these banksters as fraudsters should not be a shock to anyone. Honore de Balzac has been quoted to say "Behind every great fortune lies a great crime." I don’t think de Balzac would be disappointed in his opinion with the likes of those of whom we have been complaining of above - among others.

My family, my business associates, and my-self, await your reply to our urgent request. Its time that New Hampshire benefited from the ‘green businesses’ that my family began in 1994, at the High Birches Springs in No Woodstock, NH. The tax coffers could certainly use the money.


Jean E. Allan aka Jean E. Allan Sovik

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