NYPD Turns Against the FBI:
Seized Laptop Shows
Hillary Clinton Covered Up
 Weiner’s Alleged Sex Crimes
 With 15 yr old During Election
[Has the mainstream media, as of yet,
 reported Hillary’s connections with
 Weiner’s sex crimes?
Did Hillary intervene to alert any
 state or federal authorities to protect
 a 15 year girl from Weiner?
Will others (NYPD Chief, Wikileaks,
 REDACT ...) that may have copies of
 Weiner’s laptop, expose its contents should
 the FBI fail to act as per rule-of-law?
In what way was Podesta, President
 Obama or those of his administration
 mentioned on the Weiner laptop?
What oversight will there be on actions
 taken by the FBI concerning Weiner’s laptop?
Is rule-of-law being applied to those
 crimes joined with Weiner’s laptop?
Why is Weiner not now in jail?
 Hillary? Abedin?]


Judges Inventing
New Reasons to Obstruct
 Donald Trump’s
Popular Immigration Reform
[Has the Immigration EO resulted in
 overreach and lack of jurisdiction
 on the part of Federal Judges
 obstructing such Executive Order?
Are Judicial Canons being violated
 (diminished  judicial integrity) by
 uliginous Federal Judges obstructing
 President Trump’s Executive Order?
Has Hawaii considered or has it
now imposed new resident restrictions
 due to resource limitations
 of  population growth?]


The National
 Accountability Project
[Were possible corrupt deals struck
 to win passage of  Obama’s
 “Obamacare” legislation?
Did Obama fail to comply with the
 court order to turn over
 White House visitor logs?
Has President Barack Obama instituted
 unconstitutional takeovers of key sectors
 of the United States economy?
Did President Barack Obama fail
in his duty to secure the borders of the
 United States against illegal immigration
 and weaken enforcement of
existing illegal immigration laws and
 successful enforcement programs?
Did Barack Obama attend (1979) private
Punahou High School
in Honolulu Hawaii?

George Roof:
 Presidents I’ve Known


7 Ways To Protect Yourself
 From The Ruling Elite’s
 World Depopulation Agenda
[Do we overcomplicate
 our life
How do we react to the
[CASSANDRAS] in our life?
Why am I taking this medication and
 what are the dangers/alternatives?
Today, what have I done that has made
 the life of someone or some living thing
 (meow meow, quack quack, woof woof, ...)
 a bit (just a little bit) better?]
        [CLICK HERE]

New Hampshire House
Passes Bill To Prohibit
 Warrantless Stingray Spying
[What oversight is in place for judicially
 recognized exceptions to stingray use?
What fourth amendment challenge
 limitations are imposed upon a defendant
 for stingray collected data?
Can a stingray be hacked for unauthorized use?
Has the use of stingrays extended beyond
 the ambit of National Security?
Is the firmware in stingray hardware
 available for audit
 by “appropriate” NH officials?]


H-1B Worker Program
 Not a Reform Priority,
 White House Says
[Should sponsors be required for an
 H-1B visa as well as requiring
 the sponsor to post a bond?
Is the H-1B visa program being abused
 by companies who are using it to the
 detriment of the American worker?
Why are temporary foreign workers
 imported from abroad,
 using the H-1B visa program,
 for the explicit purpose of substituting
  American workers at lower pay?
Will members of Congress that do not
 aggressively work to reform the
 H-1B visa program be reelected in 2018?]


Obamacare 2.0:
 Mike Pence, Paul Ryan,
and the  Pharma Corruption
 of Trump Admin
[If those who wrote and are promoting
 the bill (AHCA – American Health Care Act)
  are the recipients of  hundreds of thousands
 of dollars from big pharma,
 how does this serve the American people?
Why not disclose the terms of the AHCA
 before passage, to the voting public?
 What does Congress have to hide?
Pay attention! Are the foxes
 guarding he hen house?
Does the AHCA make health coverage

Ann Coulter:
How to Provide
 Universal Health Care
 Using This One Easy Trick
[When will we have a free market
 in health insurance?
Were the voters PROMISSED
 a repeal of Obamacare so that
 they could have free market healthcare?
Will members of Congress that did not
 work & vote to simply repeal Obamacare
 be reelected in 2018?
To Congress:
KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!)]


Government Spooks Can Use
Mic, Camera On Trump's Phone
 (Even When He Thinks
 It's Turned Off)
[Are telcoms immune from prosecution or
 civil lawsuit if immunity is provided by
 Congress, yet such telcom conduct offends
 the Constitution of the United States?
Is the architecture on President Trump’s
 phone “Industry Standard” and if so,
 why is it not protected?
An old experienced vacuum tube
650 programmer might utilize some of
 the following hardware and/or firmware
 obfuscation  techniques to protect a phone:
 (Maggie knows the details; you must
 know who she is...)
01. Remote ping log security verification
02. ROM’s  the norm
03. Log the fog
04. Security through obscurity; perhaps
 steganographic communication or ...
05. Bounce the ball
06. Archetype the architecture; taken from
 the early DARPA Camden days
07. Seed the greed; spurious packets, ...
08. Shield the field
09. Man up, man down


Dear Mr. President
[Open your mouth for the dumb,
    for the rights of all
 who are left desolate.]
Proverbs 31:08

Democrat Claire McCaskill
Caught Lying About Meeting
With Russian Ambassador
[Why would Senator McCaskill lie
about never having had a call or
 meeting with the Russians
When will when Senator Claire McCaskill
 tender her resignation (for lying)?
Why did the NYT do a stealth delete
 without any note,
 after quoting Senator McCaskill?
When will all this childish bullshit
 by the MSM and the Democrats end and
 work to get stuff done for the benefit
 of the American people begin?]

Ann Coulter:
How to Provide
 Universal Health Care
 Using This One Easy Trick
[Why oh why did Congress ever
 reform healthcare?
Has Obamacare destroyed
 health care in the United States?
Has Obamacare morphed into
health care we can’t afford to use?]


John McCain cuts off reporters
who ask about the $1 MILLION
donation from the Saudia Arabian
government to his bogus
money-laundering non-profit
 McCain Institute
[Why would McCain cut off questions about
 a Saudi donation
"Anyone [ergo Saudi Arabia] who's going
to chip in a million dollars or more to the
McCain Institute is going to get
 John McCain's ear." -  ya think; ethics?
 Is it in Saudi Arabia's interest
 to try to influence John McCain?
Is John McCain part of “The Swamp”?
What does John McCain have to hide?]

Welcome Aboard...
But First US Marshals
Will Scan Your Retina
[When will DNA samples be required;
how about retina scans for voting;
 and why not implant an RFID chip? /s
On what basis is boarding denied
 and where and by whom will this
 retina data be stored/accessed
With no warrant, are our 4th amendment
 rights being violated with a retina scan?
If one complies with a scan request,
 has one given up their 4th amendment rights?
Are there contact lenses that can alter
 retina scan identification and if so,
 how do retina scans
 deal with contact lenses?]

Wikileaks Exposes John McCain’s
 Illegal Request for Campaign
 Cash From Russian Ambassador
 Who Suddenly Died
 Monday in NYC
[If you listen to Peter (JM) tell you about
 Paul (DT), you will learn more about
 Peter (JM) than you will about Paul (DT).
Did John McCain attempt to force Russia
 to interfere in the 2008 presidential
Was the request sent to Ambassador Churkin
 illegal and was this fact
ignored by John McCain?
Why is John McCain even allowed to serve
 as a United States Senator;
 is he part of the swamp?]

Cape Cod’s
big drinking water problem
[Do residual chemicals (such as PFOA,
 PFOS, ...) seeping into the ground water
 put the water supply “under seige”?
What would happen if our drinking water,
 coming from an underground aquifer,
 was suddenly found at risk?
How well do we understand the impact
 of the mixture of multiple contaminants
 found in our drinking water?
Could we soon be drinking
 sewer cocktails
 from drinking water faucets?
Are we kicking the can down the road
 when it comes to waste-water treatment?]

White House Fingers
 John McCain As Media Leak;
 Believes U.S. Senator
 Eavesdropped on Trump’s
 Classified Phone
[Would songbird be an appropriate
 nickname for John McCain?
Would it now be time for
US Attorney General Jeff  Sessions
 to determine if  McCain has violated
 any Federal US statutes?
Is John McCain jealous of
President Donald Trump as
 Donald Trump was successful
 in his bid for election as
 President of The United States of America
 whereas John McCain was unsuccessful?]

For jealousy makes a man furious,
   and he will not spare when he takes revenge.
He will accept no compensation,
   nor be appeased though you multiply gifts.
Proverbs 06:34,35

Retail store demands
 everyone submit to cop run
 facial recognition
 before gaining entry
[Would your picture also be contained
 in a facial recognition database if you use
 Facebook,  have a drivers license or passport?
How accurate are facial recognition databases?
Will cosmetic surgeons benefit from an
 increased use of  facial recognition technology?
Before you know it,
 they will be passing laws against
 wearing masks in public
[Ya think]?]

The Spy Revolt
 Against Trump Begins
[Is Flynn stupid, arrogant or sly like a fox?
Why are faceless bureaucrats able to
 take out a president's national security
 adviser based on a campaign of innuendo
 without evidence;
 should this worry every American?
Do CNN negative releases serve to support
 President Trump since their creditability
 has been  severely damaged
 due to Fake News reporting?
Whom do you trust –
 President Trump or the MSM?
Are those charged with national security,
 failing to protect President Trump and
 the security of The  USA

If there is disturbance in camp,
 the general’s authority is weak.
 If the banners and flags are
 shifted about,
sedition is afoot.
If the officers are angry,
 it means that the men are weary.
 If a general shows confidence in
 his men but always insists on
  his orders being obeyed,
 the gain will be mutual.
It is the business of a general to be
 quiet and thus ensure secrecy;
 upright and just,
 and thus maintain order.
The Art of War, Sun Tzu

Exclusive —
 The Spirit of America:
 Conservative Grassroots Leaders
 Plan Massive Pro-Trump
 Demonstrations Nationwide
When the righteous are in authority,
the people rejoice;
but when the wicked rule,
the people groan.
Proverbs 29:02

The Number-One
 Mind-Control Program
 At US Colleges
[Have ordinary feelings of adolescent
 insecurity resulted in our trusting young
 being prescribed toxic psychiatric drugs?
Is a psychiatric drug plague accelerating
 across the land?
Why is chemical imbalance given as an
explanation for psychiatric drugs when
 researchers have never established a normal
 baseline for chemical balance?
Will Big Pharma back off on the use of
psychiatric drugs if trillions of dollars are at stake?
Should we fight for the right to refuse toxic
 medication; and as a parent,
 to refuse toxic medication for our children?]

Time to Stop Illegal, Immoral,
 Unconstitutional Drone
 Policy of Bush, Obama, Trump
[When it comes to drones, are we equating
 President Trump with Obama and Bush;
 has President Trump  been in office
 long enough (only two weeks)
 to make a fair comparison?
Is our (USA) drone policy totally immoral?
 Is the term collateral damage caused by
 drones a euphemism for the unintentional
 killing and maiming of
 innocent women and children?
How long before blow back occurs where
 terrorists and anarchists are able to send drones
 and cause collateral damage in the USA?
Has the US Congress approved the
 drone policy of the USA; if so, WHY?
Do other countries view USA drones
 as an act of terrorism?
Do the majority of Americans support the right
 of their government to kill anyone,
 anywhere, any time; as long as it is done
 in the name of “national security” or
 “public policy”; and is it really “national security
 or “public policy” when the government
 or the MSM states that to be the case?
Will we ever realize that President Trump
 is part of the solution and NOT the problem?]

America’s Student Debt
 Problem Is Much Bigger
 Than Anybody Realized
[Have student loans been instrumental in
 making higher education unaffordable?
Can student loan forgiveness offered
 for work in the public sector
 be viewed as a perverse incentive?
Do student loans have an adverse affect
 upon skills needed for the economy?
Have student loans put a damper on
 independent thinking and judgment?
Have student loans cosigned by parents
 added further burdens to the retirement
 years of those parents; why not make
 the educational institutions also
 cosigners for those loans?
 Do your heirs have student loans
 in default, hummmmm?

Finding Jeanie - FOR THE RECORD
[High Birches]

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